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Send and receive information from stakeholders all in one place, through push notifications in your own app, voice dial, text message, email, social media and website publishing!

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Push Notifications With School App Express

97% Response Rate

90% Read Within 3 Minutes of Receipt

50% Higher Open Rate Than Traditional Email

Covid-19 Response

School App Express is committed to our core vision of using technology to facilitate learning, communication, health and safety to schools. We believe that efficient communication can be perhaps our greatest tool in combatting Covid-19. The threat we are facing is unprecedented in scope and scale, and we are therefore going to extend our commitment to our nation’s school districts by offering 50% reductions in our setup fees, and accelerated app development time for schools and districts who need immediate, effective communication. We will also be offering free email blasts and marketing tools to make sure your community can download the app, and make the most of your investment.

We are dedicated to helping your district’s staff, students, parents and stakeholders stay engaged in active learning during these challenging times in education. As always, our team of content creators are working to ensure our clients are communicating effectively, and we have our full staff ready to serve our clients.

We encourage everyone to stay safe by practicing sound hygiene, and most importantly, by protecting those around us that need help the most. Social distancing and common courtesy can help the world fend off this threat, and we believe that it is all our responsibility to do so.

Above all, our goal is to assist you in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can do so.

Thanks you,

The School App Express Team

Phone Calls, Emails, Text Messages, Push Notifications, Social Media and Website Updates
From One Location

School App Express offers an all in one communication platform for your district stakeholders. Our powerful and intuitive interface allows broadcasting to all communication channels with one click.

Secured Access and Single Sign On Options Now Available

Your school or district’s app can be enabled with a variety of access control options ranging from open access so that all features and content are accessible by anyone to secured access with personalized content that is restricted based on the individual user’s role within your school or district. Self-registration can be enabled and we support many Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations including Clever, G Suite for Education, Microsoft Office 365 and more.

Send Push Notifications

Notification can be sent to all users, or just to selected groups of users. With our secured access feature, you can even send staff-only announcements!

Get Custom Form Responses

Create unlimited custom forms that can be filled and signed right in the app. You can even add video and picture attachments for doctor’s notes or other documents!

Distribute Information

Our school apps provide an all-in-one location for parents, students and stakeholders to see everything they need to know about your school or district.

Multiple Calendars

Keep app users up to date with school events of any kind. Automated push notifications before special events can also remind users!

37 Languages

Using Google Translate, our app can automatically live-translate any information. The app user simply selects their language of choice and the rest is automatic!

Your Own Menu and Links

Parents and stakeholders need to access multiple websites for your school. Our app lets you open any external website right in the app, for an all-in-one user experience.

App Based ID Cards

Parents and students can use the app as a personalized ID card. Ask us about our attendance tracking and late-pass scanner options.

Anti-Bullying Tip Line

When used as a security tool, the app provides the perfect platform for anonymous incident reporting and bullying prevention.

Documents and Picture Galleries

No more printing! Simply add your PDF files and picture galleries to the app for easy public access.

Instant Communication With Parents, Students and Staff

Percentage 18-49 Year Olds With A Smartphone 80%
Percentage of Parents Who Would Like More Frequent Notification Of School Activities 66%
Percentage Of Time Spent In Apps As Opposed To Browsers By Smartphone Users 90%

Use Your App On Any Device

Other Uses and Features

  • Free downloads for users with unlimited usage rights

  • Single sign-on access for teachers and students available, which allows custom content to be displayed in apps according to user profile

  • Video messages to users

  • Hall pass capability for students

  • Social media management

  • Push to and from social and web pages

  • Apps can be designed for single schools or districts

  • Regular updates included to conform with new operating systems

  • Apps are released for Apple, Google, Android, and any mobile device through html5

See the complete feature list…


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