We Create Apps For Schools and Districts


ogether, these services help schools and districts to create a multi-faceted communication strategy that enhances community engagement, improves on parent communication, and creates a professional image.

• Apps with your school’s design, branding and content.

• Over 40 features in 37 languages.

• Updated and controlled by administrators through an easy-to-use website.

two Optional Add-Ons

Delve into our innovative school app and uncover the value of our two exceptional add-on features designed to enhance your educational experience.

Secured and Restricted App Access

Access Control And Content Restriction By User Type
By implementing secured access, your school gains the ability to deliver tailored content to app users, aligning with each user’s role within the school or district. You can opt for self-registration or take advantage of our support for various Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations, including Clever, G Suite for Education, Microsoft Office 365, and more.

Mass Communication Services

Communicate With Everyone - Even Those Without The App
Mass notification services expand your capacity to disseminate messages through various communication channels, all within the streamlined, user-friendly interface of your custom app. Say goodbye to the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and embrace straightforward and efficient information distribution!

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